Until August, I was fullstacking at Zook, building an AI that could be to the business world what thesaurus is to language. Previously, I have worked as a Web & Java consultant at Jayway and before that, I was creating a digital food ambassador at ipiit.

I am on the programme committee for Øredev this year, responsible for the frontend & node.js tracks. If you haven't been, Øredev is a developer conference held annually in Malmö, Sweden. Do come, it's awesome.

A few other projects I've worked on follow.


Bibliofair is based on an idea of a friend of mine to connect home libraries of people around the world, making the library network decentralised and distributed. We released an MVP in spring 2014 that was very well received, including an article in a major national newspaper. Unfortunately, after that we both lacked time to develop the platform further.

I still hope that at some point in the future, I will have a chance to continue with this project as to me, it's one of the best ones I've ever worked on. I genuinely believe it would be incredibly useful to have this sort of thing in place.

Czech My Pixels

Travelling blog of my ex-girlfriend and mine. For me, the only way to learn the digital ropes of anything is to get my hands dirty with code which is why I've written this myself. To learn React, Redux, server-side rendering, etc. Running at czechmypixels.com, the source can be found at github.

Competence Days

My favourite perk of working at Jayway were so-called "competence days". Every month, the entire company meets for a full day and everyone is encouraged to hold sessions on, well, pretty much anything at least remotely related to software development. I have held a bunch of such sessions for my colleagues, some of them resulting in small overviews and demos: