these hills need none of what you've got
through wind, slowly, time percolates
you're just a dot and then you're not
more than a speck that speculates:
"when we all leave, when no one's here,
do mountains stay or disappear?"
them, looking down in all their fame
their snowy peaks musing just the same

(~Laguna Torre, Argentina)

I was born at the heart of Europe where rivers abound in beer. Over the years, the wind has blown me into various corners of the world. Notably, I had spent five of them holding on to the city of Malmö, learning to fika properly. I'm mostly back home these days.

I like yoga and lead some classes here and there. I would never say no to a hike. I get, hmm, elated by melifluous words, and books must be my favourite invention of all times. A lot of last year has gone into building our tiny house, easily one of the biggest joys ever.

Riddles got me into software development, and they keep me in. Awareness is, in my mind, the most important thing in the world and attention the ultimate one to give.


Currently, I fullstack at DeedMob, making volunteer engagement a breeze.

For some time before, I fullstacked at Donna, using tech to replace the robot within the lawyer. In 2018-2019, I was shaping the program of Øredev, one of the largest dev conferences in the Nordics. I was also exploring new directions for us to venture into, resulting e.g. in Mind the Gaps, a brand new conference focusing on digital ethics.

Until August 2018, I was fullstacking at Zook, back then building an AI that could be to the business world what thesaurus is to langugage. Before that, I worked as a consultant at Jayway and was building a digital food ambassador at ipiit earlier still.

Projects & passtimes

Bibliofair was based on an idea of a friend of mine to connect home libraries of people around the world, making the ancient web of books decentralised and distributed. Time for this project dissipated after an MVP in 2014, but I would love to get back to it at one point. Some of the hikes I didn't say no to can be found at Czech My Pixels.

Every now and then, I write something and realise it might be the number one thing I'd like to get better at: check out End of Life as We Know It, Attention Rip-Offs , or a bit more technical Frontend & Fullstack Security if you feel like it. At some point, I started writing reviews for most of the books I read and gotta admit it's a wonderful way to spend time.


Alan Watts is someone I go back to all the time. House of Leaves is by far the strangest — in an absolutely wonderful way — book I've read this year, and I think Steinbeck was a genius. I don't understand how I hadn't read Borges until about two months back. There are very few things by Gaiman and Pratchett I wouldn't recommend to you with zero doubts. I really like what Harari has to say. Then again, who doesn't?

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History should be used to teach history all over the world, and I think Rob Reid is doing a crazy good job on the After On Pocast.