I was born at the heart of Europe, where rivers abound in beer. Over the years, the wind has blown me into various corners of the world but for the last three, I seem to have been holding on to the city of Malmö, learning to fika properly.

Riddles is what got me into programming and it's what keeps me in. I particularly like riddles that matter. Recently, I have been enjoying mostly the instant gratification that frontend offers but I like other chunks of the stack too.

I love languages, both programming and natural, and get elated by mellifluous words. In my spare time, I do my best to compensate for the hours spent in stillness in front of a screen by slacklining, basic callisthenics, yoga (I'm in the midst of a course to become a certified yoga teacher), playing badminton and squash. I would never say no to a nice hike. Some of the ones I haven't said no to can be found at Czech My Pixels. Oh, and books are my favourite invention of all times. Check out what I've been up to lately on Goodreads.